2017 Corvette Z16

in Duluth, GA


16 City

25 Highway

Z16 Grand Sport Corvette

If there is one thing Chevy engineers understand, it?s this: Speed thrills. No car in the Chevy line illustrates this quite like the 2013 Corvette Grand Sport. Capable of moving from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, the Z16 Corvette moves you through life with an exhilarating combination of style and power. Chevrolet took the Z16 Performance Package, an upgrade on a base Corvette, and made it standard on the Corvette Grand Sport. The specs on this package include both awesome and subtle performance equipment that works together to make the experience of driving a Grand Sport as much like racing as the law allows. Stiffer springs, stabilizer bars and specific shock absorbers offer you that racetrack ride. As far as transmissions, there are two options: the Z16 specific six-speed manual or the six-speed paddle-shift automatic. The optional Magnetic Selective Ride Control helps ensure you get the best ride possible because its magneto-rheological dampers detect the surface of the road underneath your wheels and adjusts damping rates in seconds.

As Close to the Track As You Can Get

Its 6.2 litre V8 engine manufactures 430 horsepower at 5900 rpm, generating a maximum torque of 424 lbs/ft. Surprisingly, the Corvette Grand Sport offers you respectable fuel efficiency at 26 mpg, unusual for a car that also offers cornering capabilities rated at 1G. Essentially, the Z16 Corvette is a racing machine-turned street-legal luxury sports car. This luxury permeates the car's interior, with leather-wrapped steering wheel and soft seating. With an instrument panel recalling Corvette?s legendary racing heritage, an array of technological advancements, including voice navigation and premium sound system options, are at your fingertips in the center console. The Corvette Grand Sport is truly unique automotive experience, one that looks as fast standing still as it does circling the track.

The Corvette Grand Sport Proudly Displays Chevy's Racing DNA.

Experience for yourself a true American road legend: The 2013 Corvette Grand Sport. It's the car that presents Chevrolet quality and culture in one amazing automotive presentation. Browse our available Corvette inventory here.

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